Sept0117 Arrival in the afternoon18 Opening Frs Orobator and Rowan19 Introduction to the house and surrounds20 Introduction to JCAM & ZIM/MOZ/SAF21 Introduction to Society of Jesus in South Africa, & the Church in South Africa22 Community covenant23 Nyanga Parish
Sept0224 Transitions in Life25 Tertian's Autobiography Preparation26 Tertian's Autobiography Preparation27 Tertian's Autobiography 128 Tertian's Autobiography 1Break Day30
Oct0301 Tertian's Autobiography 102 Tertian's Autobiography 103 Tertian's Autobiography 104 Tertian's Autobiography 205 Tertian's Autobiography 106 Review07
Oct0408 Tertian's Autobiography 209 Tertian's Autobiography 210 Tertian's Autobiography 211 Break Day12 Ignatius' Autobiography13 Ignatius' Autobiography14
Oct0515 Ignatius' Autobiography16 Ignatius' Autobiography17 Prep for Exx18 Prep for Exx19 Prep for Exx20 Prep for Exx21
Oct0622 Prep for Exx23 Prep for Exx24 Break Day25 Spiritual Exercises26 Spiritual Exercises27 Spiritual Exercises28 Spiritual Exercises
Oct Nov0729 Spiritual Exercises30 Spiritual Exercises31 Spiritual Exercises01 Spiritual Exercises Repetition 102 Spiritual Exercises03 Spiritual Exercises04 Spiritual Exercises
Nov0805 Sp Exercises06 Spiritual Exercises07 Spiritual Exercises08 Spiritual Exercises09 Spiritual Exercises10 Spiritual Exercises11 Spiritual Exercises Repetition 2
Nov0912 Spiritual Exercises13 Spiritual Exercises14 Spiritual Exercises15 Spiritual Exercises16 Spiritual Exercises17 Spiritual Exercises18 Spiritual Exercises
Nov1019 Spiritual Exercises20 Spiritual Exercises21 Spiritual Exercises22 Spiritual Exercises23 Spiritual Exercises24 Break Day25
Nov Dec1126 Review of Exercises27 Review of Exercises28 TBD29 TBD30 TBD01 TBD02
Dec1203 History of Society04 History of Society05 History of Society06 History of Society07 History of Society08 History of Society09
Dec1310 History of Society11 History of Society12 History of Society13 History of Society14History of Society15 History of Society16
Dec1417 Constitutions18 Constitutions19 Constitutions20 Constitutions21 Constitutions22Constitutions23
Dec1523Constitutions24Constitutions25 Christmas Day26 Break Day27Constitutions28Constitutions30
Dec Jan1631 Constitutions01 Constitutions02 Prep for Experiments03 Prep for Experiments04 Prep for Experiments05 Prep for Experiments06
Jan1707 Travel08 Experiment09 Experiment10 Experiment11 Experiment12 Experiment13
Jan1814 Experiment15 Experiment16 Experiment17 Experiment18 Experiment19 Experiment20
Jan1921 Experiment22 Experiment23 Experiment24 Experiment25 Experiment26 Experiment27
Jan Feb2028 Experiment29 Experiment30 Experiment31 Experiment01 Experiment02 Experiment03
Feb2104 Experiment05 Travel06 Review of Experiment07 Review of Experiment08 Review of Experiment09 Discernment10
Feb2210 Discernment Individually11 Discernment Individually12 Discernment Individually13 Discernment Communal14 Discernment Communal15 Review of Week16
Feb2317 Vows Poverty18 Vows Poverty19 Vows Chastity20 Vows Chastity21 Vows Obedience22 Vows Obedience23
Feb2426 Safeguarding25 Informatios26 Account of Conscience27 Governance Accountability28 Governance Transparency01 TBD02
Mar2503 Gov Guidelines04 Gov Guidelines05 Gov IAG06 Gov IAG07 Governance Practica Quadam08 TBD09
Mar2610 TBD11 TBD12 Triduum13 Triduum14 Triduum15 Wrap up16 Final Closure
Mar2717 Departure18 Departure